The 4th: Volumes | Vespinae

by Sonic Parlor

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released December 13, 2018


all rights reserved



Sonic Parlor Los Angeles, California

Sonic•Parlor is a self expressed conceptual entity who is focused on the creation of albums of speculative
fictional concept music ranging from:Alternative, Experimental,
Electronic, Musique Concrète, Art Punk, and Neo Folk. Sonic•Parlor welcomes you to the elaborate stories of the Vespinae, the Toci, The Clerics, The Warden & The Watchers, and the daring residents of Ballaärat.
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Track Name: The Two Headed God of Fate (Prologue)
This is how it ends - Or does it begin? As with the 3rd - Or is it the 4th? Lives will be lost - Or will they go on? Transferred to thoughts - Or spoken in song? The future is lost - Or yet to be found? To legend we burn - To skies we fly! And it shall proceed - Again we become. The countdown we breathe - It has begun. ...4 ...3 ...2 ...1
Track Name: The Red Tower Dance (Vespa's Waltz)
To become...
Arise to become...

Track Name: Agent of Stigma (Dear Raven: Acts I, II, & III)
Dear Raven.
Let go the demon.
Share the mark of disgrace.

Agent of Stigma.

Be one of us.
Feel just like us.
Defy like us.
And soar away with us.

Dear Raven. I sat alone. They came. Then they left. I sat alone, again. And for some odd reason, I remembered and felt sorry. Dear Raven. Let go the demon. Crush the rod of authority. Dance the red tower dance. From lip to skin, you deep inhale, and let go the demon.

Dear Raven. Thank you. You’re welcome.
Track Name: Covenant of the Vespinae (Unbroken)
Tear down the house. Level the lofty tower. Now bring on the Raven. To reign down the Red. We do not apologize for the inconvenience. We are the creation of the new existence. Switch on the ghosts. Seen as vigorous ladies. To expose the hosts. So their flags will fall. Fixate with mortar and silence. What could the strife of disrepair? Like the drums unbroken. Reaching accross the sky. Our Dragon will unite us. And we all shall fly.
Track Name: Queen of Nightmares (Raven's Lament)
Why am I the torment of your dreams? Why am I the demon of the Sandmans's scheme? Must my time be spent in your mind bringing displeasure to your sleep? When can I escape your nocturnal sight? When can I form my own illusion of night? How can I find what was never mine? How can I dream when I can't even sleep? How can I dream when I can't even sleep? Scream at the heavens band upon the door, I don't want to live this nightmare anymore. Scream at the heavens bang upon the door. I don't want to live this nightmare anymore. No I don't want this nightmare anymore.
Track Name: Afterlife Paradox (I Don't Believe)
It's not my fault. I don't believe you. From where I stand, so must I choose. I'm told to stay is to wait and die. Yet if I drink from the cup I'll fly. What is true? What should I do? There is no proof? I don't believe. To fall and end, is to go back home. But to rise is to ever roam, alone. Do you have sight? Or are you wrong? And are we just remembered in song? What is true? What should I do? There is no proof? I don't believe... you.
Track Name: Overcast (The Grey is Stranger Than I)
Where are the shadows? Better they are away. Time is killed in shadows.Your face shines in dimming light (All surrounding light). Murdering shadows while it whispers, “To hear your voice is life out loud, to drink the resurrection dripping from your brow”. Time is reeling in the overcast. The lovely grey Overcast. Lovely grey thoughts. The lovely grey haze. In her mind (To say no, you say no twice), still obsessed by a stranger. The grey stranger. The grey is stranger than I. I am absorbed. I am lost. Within the grey am I. I dream. I dream this way. I’ll find myself when all day it is grey.
Track Name: Prophecy Dissemination (Do Not Be Alarmed)
We shall bear witness to the prophecy. Shall bear witness to the end of the naught and the rise of the red. Rise to become. Rise to become. Rise to become one with the ageless nest. The Lady and Lord Vespa. Master of the Vespinae. Master of the Unbroken. Monarch and Matriarch of the 4th world. The Red. The Tower. The Dragon... that never dies.
Track Name: The Becoming (The Serum)
We have launched the system. To reduce the inbetween. Why am I in this room you say? To toil all the day I say. You are the process. You are the machine. Human mechanics. You are the one it seems. Well if it is terrors you want, it shall be terrors you receive. Witness the becoming, of the King... of nightmares.
Track Name: Strange Flower (Eater of Sin)
Strange flower. Born of fire; will come for you soon. When worlds collide, with all of her might she will give you the moon. To watch over you, all day and all night. Always within her sight. I call her Theia. Tecitiya, eater of sin. First and the last to cleanse the past. The heart within. All of the lands of the future believe that she will be the Queen; of the vast sea, of the many, of you and me, of the Toci.
Track Name: Pride of the Holder of Dreams (Until)
You are receiving this transmission via marauder protocol. Sonics are obscured for dark reception. Stream to be dissipated immediately. My Dearest Raven, it is an honor to be selected as the veiled ambassador. My pride wells under this bestowment. I volunteer, to carry our flag of hope, for the long journey, as decades move on, unto the 5th world. I vow, to ingest the serum, and become, unto remaining time, champion of the Vespinae. I Promise. Before I rejoice. As I stand, unbroken. I shall guard against the House of Despair. Until the return. Shall hold vows firm to the wandering. Until the return. Shall outspread arms for the reaching hands. Until the return. Shall offer dreams to all the falling. Until the return.

Track Name: Goodbye, Vespa (Goodbye)
In the slow march of time a moment passes her by. She must adore the second that is born only to live, then quickly die. Wishing she could take this instant and extend its lonely task. To see inside a passage of time; no future, and no past. She’s lying next to nothing; face, parched and dry. No question in lamenting eyes. Why does she always feel better alone; to gaze on and on and on and on. Refusing the bid of Mephistopheles, goodnight, kind sir. So long. She's trapped within the walls. Smoke, out the window. She shouts inside her mind, 'This time I will not follow'. The visor will fall to cover her eyes. The burning embers will die. Etching a scar into that useless clock. Thrashing this moment in time. She recalls the parting lips. Surrendering to familiar taste. One last fondness, one last kiss, One last trace. She had to push away. She had to seal the door. All of her will, coming to this. She must become... no more. I see her face as we escape the end consuming our land. Drifting, farther away. Our future in her hands. Soon the flames will take her. As fate, eclipses our home. She told me, she'll be fine. Happy to die... alone. Goodbye, Vespa. Goodbye.

The final word she said to me... was, 'fly'.
Track Name: Sixty Seconds (till Dawn)
Sixty seconds to reset. Sixty seconds to renew. All it will take is one minute to remove their lives from ours. Till the rise, to the stars, sixty seconds of me I give to you. Sixty Seconds to right their wrongs. To let you go where you belong. To find that you can sing all new songs. A new day is not far along. Don't look back for what is now gone. This is the last... sixty seconds till dawn. Promise that you will live. Promise that you will smile. Promise that you find peace. Just a little while.
Track Name: The Dream of Cyan (Epilogue)
Dreaming, I was, dreaming. I dreamt our planet was dying. And I dreamt of Vespa. I dreamt the seven Prime Seers, had, a way, a way to evacuate us, to save us by sending us to the stars. But something was wrong, something was dark; so very frightening. The seers, were not as they seemed. In the shadows, they were monsters. Monsters that were going to feed on us, forever. So she killed them. Vespa, She killed them all. Now she stood alone. But could not leave. The end. The fire. Came. I wanted to save her. But I couldn't. My hand against the glass as I was lifted away. The fire. The light, was so bright. Everyone said that she was gone. But in the flames I saw her. I saw, as she collapsed into a chrysalis. As if she was to sleep, the long sleep. But then I felt nothing. Empty. Why so much hollow, for so long. Silence, finally broken by a single breath. Then, another. That is when I understood. I could not yet see her, but she was emerging. From the call of the void she would dawn upon us. And be known as, Aurora Cyan.

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