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Secrets | Fates: Tales of the Toci

by Sonic Parlor

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One thousand years, the blink of an eye. One thousand years, looking to the sky for any sign, of her. In my hand, still feel the touch. The memory, has yet to fade. Would it really be just too much; to disobey. Look away, as I capture time. Just one moment, to be mine; for any measure, with her. One thousand years, will fade away. One thousand years, I give to fate. Just to say, 'hello'... again. From the mother, steal the sons. The moons that will heed my will. In this company of the 9 gods. All will fall still. I will harness these heavens. I will drain from their cores. So I can shine like the sun. To guide her back to me. In this pool, I will lay. Motionless as I wait. I offer our spirits to join. For we shall be... One.
A ghost I know with her life from a yesterday. But the others don’t believe the tale of her former fate. They question her and they say, 'Touch her hands, and they are warm; for a ghost that is not right!'. She just says... You can take a nickel from your pocket and feel that it's warm. But know the truth she displays. Her truth is... The coin is, not alive. She is, not alive.
Suddenly, it was Earth. I was in a vision. But was I not? It seemed so true! The past seemed as present as the now. And every following instant was shared with before. I was all at once; Immediate, yet memory. I then understood. I was thought itself, timeless meaning. A concept. Yet without form. So, I revealed everything that had been; yet, to be. The shaping of ideas, but in dreams. I unseen could make, believe. Then the shadow loomed; black as pitch. A realization, just before the light. Just how this could be right! I now burden you. Your spirits this may steal. Shall we carry this as a secret?That... none of this is real.
Time & time again. Ever & ever ascend. One by one exceed. Hand in hand they lead. All hail the replicating queen. All fear the reaching machine. Past, future, the inbetween. All is known, all is seen. Dispose to collect. Expose to protect. Destroy to create. And lead free will to fate. All hail the replicating queen. All fear the reaching machine. Past, future, the inbetween. All is known, all is seen. Side by side their might. Step by step they right. By & by transcend. End to end suspend. To ever, & everything.
We shall bear witness to the prophecy. Shall bear witness to the end of the naught. And the rise of the red. Rise to become. Rise to become. Rise to become one with the ageless nest. The Lady and Lord Vespa. Master of the Vespinae. Master of the Unbroken. Monarch and Matriarch of the 4th world. The Red. The Tower. The Dragon...that never dies.
Harmonic atomics of existence. Upon reading the book the present queen learns of and hones the power of harmonic atomics. This force allows the queen to project influence across vast distances. Atomics. At her whim she could now extinguish a life, if so desired, while being undetected worlds away. Manifest physical disruption of all sectors. Many nations have risen and fallen by the hidden power of a Toci queen. Harmonic atomics.
I am of the blood. To carry on the thread. Time not to rejoice. But, vigilant instead.Vigilante of the house. Vigilante of the crown. I am one of the wondering. Forever lost, & never found. Champion of reaching hands. Champion of the dreams. I hold the vow of the falling. Despair has nothing on me. Nemesis of the gods. Nemesis of the machine. I create from my blood line. The virus to punish the Queen. Shall guard against the House of Despair. Shall hold vows firm to the wandering. Shall outspread arms for the reaching hands. Shall offer dreams to all the falling.
I had her bound to the fire. For the flames to consume. With her flesh to be no more. Just ash to crown my head. To put an end to the plague. Cease the stream of the vile. To cleanse us all of her name. The demands that I said. Curse my eyes for what I saw. Not a thorn to leave my side. But a glimpse deep from my past; reached from the burn. To I, that begets the spawn. The birth from my command. Death did not heed my bid. Yet bore anew, her return. Caught in the glass of the blaze, the blight I see was me. Hope rises from our dreams. As we both will live. As we all will live. As you and I will live. While also... dead.
Tell me, am I real? Tell me, have I been here before? Have I been reset? How many times? Do you control my mind? My fate. Is it mine? My fate. Is it just your will? Am I your puppet, on a string? Was I to be the King? I ask, where to set? I ask, who will I protect? Is it not me? Is it not them? Will I stop you again? Did I stop you before? I must design. Keep time in line. I must design. Keep past aligned. I must correct, what we affect. I must correct, what we infect.
I once saw my future in an eye. And my emotions in the other. Eyes affixed to my own. Eyes with the power to penetrate my will. And melt my heart of stone. I now hear the past in your voice. Echoes from an eon ago. Calling all of these years. Calling through silence to find me once again. And send away all fears. I soon will feel the touch of your skin. As I reach out to where you lay. Spirits shine like the Sun. Spirits now joining. We motionless face fate as we become one. Hereafter, time itself, we defy. All witness our becoming. Ceremony has begun. Ceremony to be of forever and the last. Bound together as one. I belong with you, I share this fate with you. I belong to you, I share this fate with you. Of forever and the last, bound together as... one
Promise that you will live. Promise that you will smile. Promise that you find peace. Just a little while... Just a little while. she looks me right in the eye and says, it's time to go home. Our new home. On the 5th. We shall form the 60. Then we will rest in this place. In this home. We will be ballaärat. We will be the 60. You shall be first. And I the last. We shall form the 60... and build. The sixty to reset. The sixty to renew. Another beginning. On the fifth. For you. The sixty, to right the wrongs. The sixty, to now belong. Do not, look back. But sing, all new songs.
Dad, it's ok. I'm not really gone. I'm in the dream. As Vespa said, this feels like home, but something's wrong. Time, it's not in the right place. You need to know. Our memories are fading away; some already gone. This message is being relayed from our own past. In the time of the third world. When time is still true. So when you find the frequency of my Earth transmission, these words may be received too early for you. A time will come when I die before my due course. I will be killed. You will know why. How, I must not say. Don't cry for me when I go. You'll bring me back. Please wait until my fate; not before the day. To bring the end of all our haunting and to learn the truth, just look for what you already know; my harmonic code. Before I go, there's one more thing that I have learned. The master is the one we give control.
I am for naught. We are for naught. We must design. Keep time in line. Or I will lose you. I am for naught. We are for naught. All things must come unto their end. But hers, I must stop.


released December 13, 2020


all rights reserved



Sonic Parlor Los Angeles, California

Sonic•Parlor is a self expressed conceptual entity who is focused on the creation of albums of speculative
fictional concept music ranging from:Alternative, Experimental,
Electronic, Musique Concrète, Art Punk, and Neo Folk. Sonic•Parlor welcomes you to the elaborate stories of the Vespinae, the Toci, The Clerics, The Warden & The Watchers, and the daring residents of Ballaärat.
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